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"The price of installing solar has fallen by 72% over the last 3 years."


- The Energy Saving Trust.

FREE property suitability Survey - Bespoke system design, CAD modelling, estimated savings, costs.  Increase your energy efficiency and EPC rating of your home, reducing your dependency on fossil fuels, taking control of your energy security. Making Shropshire cleaner

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ALL Black monocrystalline panels + Li-ion battery storage

Shropshire Solar Panels and Battery Storage systems

Shropshire home solar panels and battery storage

Solar panels now with li-ion battery storage support

Solar PV for your home can now be fitted with li-ion home energy storage (batteries) to your new solar installation, or can be retro fitted to your existing photovoltaic system. Harvest clean energy from the sun to power your home with a solar panel and battery installation. The excess power from the solar panels can charge your battery during the day for use at night time. The battery also works throughout the day supporting energy needs when you're demanding more peak power than the solar panels are providing.


Solar panels with li-ion battery support can significantly increase the amount of energy you can actually use from your solar panels that would otherwise be exported. This makes a much greater impact on reducing your electricity expenditure than can be gained with a regular solar panel installation.


All system designs are bespoke to meet your unique energy requirements, life stye, and suitability of your house/roof geometry. Book a free home visit feasibility survey to learn the full potential, electricity savings, and cost of installation. Learn more 01952 763896

li-ion battery solar Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 12.12.07 (1) li ion battery A Shropshire Solar and battery installation SolaX Hybrid Inverter Pylon Tech li-ion battery

Photo voltaic solar panels work by collecting photons (particles of light) which they turn into useful electricity. Multiple solar cells make up a full size solar panel typically measuring 1m x 1.7m. Solar cells are made of semiconductors such as silicon which absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. An array of solar panels on your roof make up your Solar PV System. Energy harvested from your roof top solar panels travel through an inverter which is usually located in your roof and make up part of the Solar PV System. The inverter changes DC to AC so the energy can be used by your appliances in the home. Solar energy provides a clean and cost effective energy source.

How do Solar Panels Work?

How do solar panels work

Why are Solar Panels being installed?


Solar panels in the UK are rapidly being installed to take advantage of nature's free resource - the sun. In the United Kingdom we benefit from long daylight hours and a generally cooler climate which provides ideal conditions for Photovoltaic Solar panels. Often referred to as solar PV, this is a type of solar cell system that uses semiconductor technology to convert electromagnetic radiation energy from sunlight into electricity. Government solar panel incentives helped drive the solar industry in its infancy to negate high prices. Now the main benefit of a residential solar panel installation is the energy savings which makes your electricity bill smaller. With electricity provider's ever increasing charges solar panels have become an attractive solution to reduce your dependancy on buying electricity from your supplier. Capital costs of solar installations are much less in 2019, and PV systems coupled with battery storage now allow for significant advantages never previously acheivable.

uk solar seasonal performance

How you save money with Solar panels


A Solar PV system installed on your home will of course reduce your dependency on buying energy from the grid. A proportion of your self generated solar energy will be used on site saving you money. This is a great way of taking control back of your energy expenditure. A greater proportion of the energy you generate from your panels can now be used onsite with widely available and affordable li-ion battery systems.


Not only do you save money but from April 2019 you may also earn a small payment for the unused energy that you export. This is called the Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG) and has been proposed by the UK government's department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The purpose is to ensure energy suppliers pay small-scale generators for the excess electricity they export to the grid. Consultation ran from 8 January 2019 to 5 March 2019 with BEIS now analysing feedback. Storage of the energy has much greater value however as the SEG payments are far smaller than the cost of energy- therefore we wan't to capture as much of your solar generation as possible with the addition of li-ion home enery storage. When your batteries are full you may then export a little with the knowledge that you're benefiting further from SEG payments.

Seasonal variation shown above. Your geographical location in the UK also factors in the expected performance of your solar array. The amount of irradiance that falls onto the earth’s surface alters across the UK according to several factors. The most significant being the location in respect of latitude (distance from the equator). Solar panels in Shropshire and Midlands benefit from generous irradiance exposure.

Still have questions? We can advise on any of the following:


How Do Solar Panels Work?

What Are the Benefits of Solar Panels?

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

How to Buy Cheap Solar Cells

Before Investing in Solar Panels

What Types of Solar Cells are There?

Solar Panels Installation Guide

Shropshire/ Shifnal Planning Permission for Solar Panels:

AONB, Conservation, Listed Buildings, Permitting planning.

Solar Panels and Insurance

What should I look for in a Solar Supplier?

Are There Grants For Solar Panels in the UK?

The Installation Process

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels

Differences Between Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal

Information on Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Cells

Polycrystalline Solar Cells

Erecting the scaffolding

Attaching Roof Anchors

Attaching the Frame

Installing the Panels

Wiring the Solar Panels

Final Connections to the Consumer Unit

Testing the Solar panels

We're happy to show you the potential for your home. Book a free survey with our 10 year experienced and qualified engineer to receive your survey and bespoke designed solar panel and home energy battery storage system. Telephone: 01952 763896

Reduced Carbon Foot Print with Solar PV


Photovoltaic solar panels are a clean and renewable source of energy helping reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Your installed solar panels will generate sustainable energy without harmful pollutants or carbon dioxides. Many Shrophire home owners now adopt a greater understanding of the importance and social responsibility in meeting our future energy needs.

A photovoltaic solar installation on your home will often push up your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating to a higher grade in recognition of your higher energy efficiency. Great news if your selling.


Solar Panel Installation Shropshire

Solar panel upgrades to existing Photovoltaic Solar PV owners


Are you using the full potential of your solar generation? Divert excess solar energy to heat hot water in your immersion tank. Effectively making your water cylinder an energy store. A cost effective alternative to li-ion battery storage that you may not have considered. Call for more information.

solar water heating

-Take only your excess solar energy and use it

to intelligently heat your water instead of

exporting it to the grid. Saving on your Gas/Oil


-Get FREE hot water from your Solar PV excess

energy for 8/9 months a year typically.


-Extend the life of your boiler with reduced usage


-STILL get paid for deemed export


-Intelligent auto switch. Solar excess generation used when available which would otherwaise have been exported.

divert excess solar energy to heat hot water simple upgrade