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Infrared could be considered to heating, what LEDs are to lighting. Running costs are very small compared to traditional Oil filled, Storage heaters, or fan heaters. Savings can also be made over that of Gas central heating, LPG or Oil.

Radiant (infrared) heating works in a similar way to the sun. You can go outside during the Winter and the air may be very cold. Within a short time, having the sun's rays on you will give some immidiate comfort...the air is still cold, but you are warm.

Infra red heating works in a similar way, but without the harmful ultra violet rays. It warms you and the objects within your home, rather than directly heating the air, which keeps

the heat within your property for a longer period of time. The ambient temperature of your home is then raised, but is managed much more effectively as it isn't the air holding the temperature, it is the solid objects and furnishings in your home.

Each room/heater can be controlled independently, which allows you to manage your energy consumption much more intelligently. This means that you only heat the rooms you want, when you want, and to your desired temperature. The use of thermostats with our infrared heaters means that the units are only powered when the room temperature drops below your desired temperature setting. Unlike convection heating where the energy is stored in the air which can dissipate very quickly, Infrared heat is retained much better and often means that our heaters are only drawing power for around 1/3 or half of the time depending on how well your home is insulated (eg 20-30 minutes out of every hour).

The panels are aesthetically pleasing, and unobtrusive, from plain white panels to coloured glass panels, to heated mirrors. This gives you the opportunity to finally rid yourself of those bulky storage heaters, or ugly metal radiators and pipes stuck on your walls. You don't have to remove your existing heating equipment, just turn it off and heat your home with your new Infrared panels instead.

The attraction of infra red heating is to give each of your rooms an evenly distributed heat, instead of a hot ceiling and cold floor, whilst only drawing a small amount of energy to reach your optimum temperature. This gives you full control over the distribution of heat throughout your home, and at what temperature. In addition to all of these benefits, you don't have the ongoing maintenance costs that go with a traditional boiler.

For those people lucky enough to have photo voltaic solar panels at their home you may have a particular advantage as you are able to power your Infrared heaters for free at times; Reducing your Gas bill (or other heating fuel costs) whilst not affecting your FIT or Export tarrif returns in any way at all.